We know your customer

It is our mission to recognize the needs of your customers and enabling online retailers to personalize every single shopping experience

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We help your customers to find what they are looking for

We help your customers to find what they are searching for and give them personalized incentives to maximize your conversions and revenue

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We personalize your customer communication

Maximize your revenue through automatically sent and personalized notifications and enrich your newsletters with personalized product recommendations

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Serving Your customers is Our mission!

An increase in conversion rate is the key to success in every online-business - YOOCHOOSE gives you the possibilities to raise conversion and enhance customer loyalty.

We capture actionable insights about your customer’s desires, behaviors and affinities so we know what they want to see or buy in order to offer a tailored shopping experience.

Gathering Knowledge is our passion!

With our personalization solution you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

More than five years of experience in the area of product recommendation make us one of the most experienced providers of personalization solutions.

Any Device, Any Channel

With the relentless growth of mobile, you need to be able to provide a consistently fantastic user experience, wherever your customers are. Smartphones, Tablets and Home Computers – with the YOOCHOOSE Personalization solution you are always as close to your customers as possible.

This, of course, involves gathering facts and knowledge about your customers in order to develop an awareness of what customers want, independently of where they are.

Customer loyalty and enhanced customer engagement

The YOOCHOOSE Personalization solution helps you acquiring new customers, turn visitors into buyers and develop your buyers to frequent customers.

Your customers will be engaged in every situation and on any device with relevant product recommendations. They will find what they are searching for when visiting your online shop and they are individually engaged by personalized content and product recommendations by e-mail.

We are always there for our customers

Naturally, a good product also means customer-oriented support. We are always willing to lend a sympathetic ear to you, no matter what it is about.

We make sure that you receive an answer from our support within one business day, regardless of the request. In addition to the technical support our digital marketing professionals will be there for you as creative resources in order to achieve all your goals. You can count on us whenever you need help.

Case Studies


Nestlé Schöller - A B2B Success Story

The NESTLÉ SCHÖLLER GmbH is an expert supplier in the areas of ice cream, frozen baked goods and other frozen meals in the out-of-house market. The SCHÖLLER DIRECT B2B online shop serves commercial buyers in the areas of full service, quick service, leisure time, catering, commerce and logistics. The „Schöller-Direkt“ online shop puts its trust in the YOOCHOOSE Recommendation Engine.

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