We know your customer

It is our mission to recognize the needs of your customers and enabling online retailers to personalize every single shopping experience

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We help your customers to find what they are looking for

We help your customers to find what they are searching for and give them personalized incentives to maximize your conversions and revenue

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We personalize your customer communication

Maximize your revenue through automatically sent and personalized notifications and enrich your newsletters with personalized product recommendations

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Today’s customers not only enjoy personalized shopping experiences, they expect them. YOOCHOOSE can help. With YOOCHOOSE recommendations, you can personalize and offer your customers highly relevant recommendations based on current and past shopping behavior. With our recommendation engine, you can personalize your online shop in real time. YOOCHOOSE helps you create a customized online environment, that caters to the needs and wants of each individual customer.

In comparison to most of our competitors, we offer business owners complete control of recommendation settings. Shop owners can adjust recommendation settings to meet their specific business goals. Each shop owner can suggest products to their customers, in various ways—as broadly or finely tuned as they desire.


Simply, as shoppers browse through, and click on items in your store, they create a unique shopping history that our recommendation engine records and learns from. Machine learning enables the recommendation engine to respond to your customers likes, and preferences. Overtime, the YOOCHOOSE recommendation engine will make unique recommendations that adhere to the buyers’ shopping personality.
Standard recommendations such as, “You may also like,” or “Users who bought this also bought” have helped brands like Amazon increase sales, and now represent of 30% revenue. YOOCHOOSE delivers this smart technology, and helps you be successful.
In addition to personality based recommendations, YOOCHOOSE delivers best-seller recommendations, collaborative recommendations, up-selling, cross-selling, discount reccomendations and much more. Using a wide range of adjustable settings, shops can utilize our recommendation engine to turn new visitors into customers, and current customers into frequent customers.

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Features overview

Automated Sales Bundles

Everyone loves a good sale! The YOOCHOOSE Sales bundle feature can provide the shopper with a sales or discount opportunity. Customers can enjoy sales opportunities, while shops increase sales and revenue.

Multiple Devices

Our user device recognition technology allows shops to recommend content relevant to each shopper across all platforms. Whether on a mobile device or, laptop, companies can make sure the recommendations remain consistent!

Multi-Level Fallback System

With our multi-level fallback system, customers are always receiving a great recommendation. When there isn’t enough information to provide one type of recommendation, a collaborative recommendation for example, the YOOCHOOSE recommendation engine will make suggestions using other types of recommendations, like e.g. “best-sellers” or "most viewed".