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We help your customers to find what they are looking for

We help your customers to find what they are searching for and give them personalized incentives to maximize your conversions and revenue

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Maximize your revenue through automatically sent and personalized notifications and enrich your newsletters with personalized product recommendations

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With YOOCHOOSE Personalized Search you get a professional search engine for your online shop. Help your customers to find what they are really looking for and avoid to present them empty search result pages.

When your customer types the first letters, the search engine already displays potential matching products with images and product names. In addition he sees matching categories, brands or any other attributes from your product catalog that you want to be presented in the search result overlay. This feature facilitates fast and targeted selection for the user without switching between different search result pages and the input box for the search. As we allow to choose the attributes that are presented in the search result overlay the search can be easily adapted independently if you sell fashion products, groceries or screws. We also support boosters for certain products in the search ranking in order to present overstocked items or to promote special offers.

If you use more than one language don't worry, YOOCHOOSE Personalized Search works with multiple languages. YOOCHOOSE Personalized Search in combination with YOOCHOOSE Recommendation can be a very powerful marketing tool as the recommendation engine learns from the behavior of shop visitors and combines this knowledge for bringing the most relevant products step by step to the most prominent position in the search results.

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Features overview

Semantic Search

We do not rely on standard crawler from your shop system, but on your full product catalogue. By analysing all relevant attributes from your product catalog in a semantic analysis we can improve the ranking and relevance of search results.

Never show empty search results

With the YOOCHOOSE Personalized Search you will always display search results or give product recommendations instead, if the search term the user entered does not match anything.

Automatic suggestions for different attributes

You can configure your preferred attributes from your product catalog to be displayed along with the search results, like brands or special offers.

Multi language support

Each language is different. We automatically generate language specific search indexes and currently support 20 languages.

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