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17 February 2016

5 Places With In Venue Personalization


Some major museums are starting to implement in venue personalization.  Using location data, some major museums are providing apps that learn information about the user while in the museum, then recommend specific in museum attractions and locations to visit within the museum based on the customers interests. Museum attendants can have their your own virtual tour guide learning at their own pace. This real-time personalization is a marker of what the future holds for in venue personalization. Imagine walking through a museum and learning about your favorite topics based on you interests.



Movie Theatres

Cinemas are a major attraction for moviegoers worldwide. Today personalized features, such as in auditorium menus, online seating options, food and beverage suggestions apps and rewards, all based on the movie goer’s tastes,.  Some movie theaters are implementing a Netflix like recommendation system, recommending movies and soon to be released features to customers based on their movie watching history.


Retail Shops

When it comes to Personalization and retail, eCommerce tends to come to mind first. However, some retailers are using in venue personalization to enhance their customers’ experience. In venue personalization doesn’t with self-checkout, store apps providing sales, discount codes, real time inventory checks, and style suggestions based on a customer’s own unique style are some great ways in venue personalization in implemented in retail. Some retail shops even allow customers to buy as they shop, freeing up congested check out lanes.


Colleges & Universities

Some colleges are beginning to implement personalization as a way to help student’s access most relevant information from massive archives of scholarly work. In addition to academia, on campus event, clubs and groups recommendations are also interesting ways some college students can experience personalization within their own school. Course choices based on major of study, necessity and learning style, all are some added benefits that some places of higher education see as important and helpful tools to their students. Influencing the students on campus lifestyle with personalization is a great retention tool for colleges and universities.




Restaurants need to compete in a growing digital market and strengthen their customer base. Some restaurants are using various features from apps that allow you to order before being seated, pre-arrival seating options, recommended dishes based on preference and dining history, discount and rewards and more. At some eateries, usually building your own meals, by choosing exactly what goes on your food on an interactive table is made possible through service oriented technology.


The possibilities for in venue use of personalization are vast. As consumers continue to integrate technology into their lives in various ways, business will respond with new programs to try and keep consumers as well as their customers engaged. A personalization strategy for brick and mortar businesses is an important strategy that helps keep businesses up to speed with their customers, and gives their customers a greater sense of choice, while providing a tailored experience.

(Written By: Roderick Thomas, Junior Marketing Manager at Yoochoose)

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