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10 March 2016

ALL ABOUT THAT CONTENT - 5 Ways To Improve Your Content Personalization

Content Personalization is broad. The phrase is applicable to a variety of content types, and business models. Simply, content personalization involves the curating of content to the preferences of specific individuals. Publishers benefit from content personalization in several ways, added site traffic, added site value, added subscriptions, and revenue.

(Written By: Roderick Thomas, Junior Marketing Manager at Yoochoose)

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17 February 2016

5 Places With In Venue Personalization

In relatively recent years, personalization has been used to enhance the digital experiences of consumers and customers worldwide. More recently however,
In venue has been integrated into many businesses and organizations, using personalization technology as a way to add experience value to their businesses.

In venue personalization is the integration and use of technology to enhance the experience of customers within a venue or business setting, by providing tailored services, such as unique on location recommendations based on individual tastes. Here are five places personalization is being used in venue

(Written By: Roderick Thomas, Junior Marketing Manager at Yoochoose)

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10 February 2016

Pressemitteilung - 10.02.2016

Individuelle Empfehlungssysteme helfen Online-Shops bei Optimierung von Konversionsraten

•In Shopsysteme integrierte Standardfunktionen reichen häufig nicht aus

•Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-Lösungen minimieren Aufwand bei Implementierung und Betrieb

Köln, 4. Februar 2016. Online-Shops können ihre Konversionsraten durch gezielte Produktempfehlungen deutlich steigern. Meist setzen sie bei Analyse und Berechnung bislang auf einfache, im Shop integrierte Funktionen. Laut Yoochoose GmbH benötigen immer mehr Shopbetreiber jedoch individuell zugeschnittene, selbstlernende Lösungen, um Daten gezielt auszuwerten. Auf diese Weise können sie ihre Umsätze entscheidend erhöhen. Allerdings setzen bislang lediglich rund 20 Prozent der Shops[1] ein solches Empfehlungssystem ein.

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